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Dressels Hardware is your local, authorized Jonathan Green Dealer. Homeowners and businesses in Oak Park, Illinois looking for a thick and green lawn, you've come to the right place! Dressels Hardware stocks Jonathon Green grass seed, soil enhancers, fertilizers, and organic lawn and garden products. 

Jonathon Green started six generations ago in Oregon and is now a major supplier lawn care products throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-Western United States. With Jonathan Green's New American Lawn Plan, you will finally get the beautiful green lawn you've been wanting. By feeding your lawn and your soil, growing a healthy lawn is no problem!

The New American Lawn Guide: The Revolutionary Approach to Lawn Care...

Jonathan Green Lawn

What is The New American Lawn Plan?

The New American Lawn plan by Jonathan Green is a cutting-edge lawn care program that feeds your lawn AND your soil. The foundation to a healthy lawn is healthy soil and when you're soil is balanced, your lawn will thrive. The plan uses MAG-I-CAL and Love You Soil to enhance and improve your soils PH levels and make your soil more alive and porous, giving your grass roots easy access to water, fertilizer, and air. Once these products are applied, it's time to seed. 

The New American Lawn plan also includes Black Beauty lawn seed, which is genetically more superior than any other grass seeds on the market. It was developed from Jonathan Green's turfgrass breeding program, and is used by leading sod growers all across the USA. It's naturally insect resistant and has a wax coating that preserves moisture and wards off diseases. With Black Beauty, growing a beautiful lawn with darker-green grass is simple! Don't forget to download the full guide and stop by Dressels Hardware to stock up on Jonathan Green fertilizers and grass seed!

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